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#spoilers Monthly Breakdown: Your action guide to this month with weekly assignments and a daily checklist! The Book: You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero Unofficial Book Guide: Work through the month with suggestions and tips from your coach! Coaching Content: Weekly Coaching Videos and Weekly Plan (at the back of your book guide) Prosperity Room Spray Mist — Filled with patchouli and citrus, this room spray will get your environment ready for prosperity RFID Blocking Card and Money Holder — Block your card’s RFID waves with this sleek money holder with a built-in key ring Money Plant with Biodegradable Pot — This easy-to-grow, biennial will help remind you to grow your money mindset Eternal Treasure Incense — Nurture abundance and fortune with this 100+ year-old incense recipe Incense holder with rice pouch filler— Fill your incense container with the rice and stick the incense straight up in the rice

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